Let's Talk Bigfoot!! What’s with all the names for bigfooters?

(Editor's Note: This will hopefully become a regular feature to the Bigfoot Field Guide website and magazine.)

It appears there is no end to opinions to what an unknown critter called bigfoot is, let alone of what or does and does not do.  Where it lives and where it does not. Heck, there is not even an agreement of it is a natural evolved critter or comes from ufos or another dimensions!

In this article let’s talk about what’s with all the names for bigfooters? 

When you go to the different Bigfoot Organizations websites you see names like researcher, junior researcher, investigator, senior researcher, field investigator, sightings investigator, analyst, and the like.  Then you go to Facebook and other social networks and you see all these new names like believer, knower, seer, chosen, ambassador, and God knows what else is popular today.  Why does something as simple as Bigfoot have to be so complicated? 

The ones that are long-term reputable organizations use are fairly simple to understand.  From what I see a researcher and investigator a basically the same thing in my opinion.  When you look at the definitions, they both want to learn about and solve the bigfoot mystery.  In the MABRC we do have a tendency to break it down a little more.  A junior researcher is usually new to the world of bigfoot.  Someone who is underage, or just starting this search and may have a limited experience in the woods.  Once they have been around a while and gets more comfortable with everything involving bigfoot, they can become senior researchers.  Some folks are great in the woods but not so much looking at the data trying to figure out patterns.  Others are better to look at the data, those are the ones we call analyst. They are the ones who figure things out that the folks in the woods may overlook.  They are also very important.  They seem to be the ones that can show patterns and can be invaluable to help figure out where the field researchers would have the best chances.  Together they can get things done and help each other come up with some answers.  Unfortunately, there can be some conflict with personalities.  That is part of life, staying humble can make all the difference.  There are a lot of reputable groups out there that put real stuff on the on the table that can and will help prove the existence of bigfoot.  We also have a lot of people in groups that want to be famous.  That again is when egos can make things more difficult for everyone.  Groups need to communicate to make this happen.

Now let’s talk about all this new social media stuff that is nothing more than a way to make a person feel special.  First, we saw the new and improved names these so-called researchers came up with.  Believers and Knowers.  One who goes to the woods even if it is their first time ever looking for bigfoot because they saw it on tv, Facebook, etc. that think bigfoot is real is a believer from the way its been explained to me.  Then if this person has something that happens in the woods that they never had happen before even though they have limited or no knowledge of what happens naturally in the woods believes it must be a bigfoot that did it is a Knower.  No sighting.  No evidence. But now they earn the hierarchy of the new bigfoot researcher because they had something that happen to them they thought was bigfoot.  Yes, some that have had a sighting are calling themselves a Knower.  But a sighting of what?    These seem to be the ones that take a shadow picture and claim it to be a bigfoot.  Or heard a “large Animal” crash through the woods that they didn’t actually see.  Heaven help you if you ask them if they ever heard an armadillo in the woods.  You’ll be challenging their self-earned hierarchy and all the Believers will be all over you for questioning the great revered Knower.

This is where most of the Facebook Live or watch me on YouTube with a camera in the woods people come from.  That way they can show you that they are in the woods all the time so they can tell you they know what bigfoot is doing minute by minute.  Its all a way of getting attention.  Once they get the attention they seek, they follow the typical playbook of upping the ante.  Next will be pictures of shadows, stumps, or who knows what.  Then when they are challenged that it is explainable one of two things happen.  They either go out and take follow-up pictures or videos from another place to prove it isn’t there now or play the game of insulting the challenger by the common lines of get out from behind the computer and get into the woods like I do and you’d KNOW what they do and they are all over the woods.  These are the ones that come up with all this stuff about the bigfoot cabal of people that they say is trying to discredit their “knowledge” by the old timers that have been in bigfoot research for years.    

These people are not trying to prove the existence of bigfoot, they are trying to be someone.  Are they hurting anything?  Actually yes, they are.  Not only are they flooding the internet with false ideas as well as taking away the credibility of those trying to prove the existence.  Social media has not been helping real Bigfoot research.

Now for the next group.  These are the ones that psychiatry should be looking into.  Chosen, seer, ambassador, all have the premise of somehow having a spiritual connection with bigfoot.  Where the bigfoot speaks through them.  These folks proclaim all sorts of things from mind speak, to healing of illnesses, to ability to open portals, to having bigfoot let out their cats at night.  These folks have turned what was a researched subject to a religion that they are the preachers with ultimate knowledge and was authorities to bring the world forward to what bigfoot wants.  These people have a huge following that makes me wonder how much mental illness we have in the world.  These are the ones that come up with the mind speak stuff, the interdimensional beings, aliens, Nephilim, portals and on and on.  Theoretical physics uses terms and ideas that these people seem to be using as proof to where they don’t need to have evidence to show to people why they say what they say is true.  This can be really destruction to those who want to prove the existence of bigfoot as well as to science that they are using terms from to justify their delusion. It doesn’t help a thing if fact is very destructive.