Get your fat ass out in the woods!!

Wow, I seem to hear that a lot from people who get offended when I disagree with their "evidence" as not being the ground breaking "bigfoot evidence" that they want people to follow in line with.

Remember the burden of proof post from the other day, if not, you should go read it.  I'm not ever going to be a sheeple and believe people have great insight into Bigfoot, or the best evidence ever that makes the PGF look amateurish.  Back in May of this year, I found this post on Facebook.

The person who posted it, basically was saying that he knew the female Bigfoot made owl calls, and that he was feeding them in his barn.   And I need to point out, "HE SURE ISN'T IN THE WOODS" himself at this point.

So I did a screen capture and posted this in Bigfoot Hoaxers Exposed 2.0 along with my comments below.

 Yeah, maybe I should have not been so strong with my comments, but, that is how I am, I call it like I see it these days.

Well he asked to join the Bigfoot Hoaxers Exposed 2.0 Facebook group, and I allowed him in, I don't deny anyone from the group unless they have been found to hoax, then I deny them entry.  Now the Bigfoot Hoaxers Exposed 2.0 is a good group to go find out who has been caught hoaxing, who is suspected of hoaxing and even those who have just been outright the worst type of researchers in the Bigfoot community.  The reasons are always posted via screen captures to back up what is said about someone hoaxing or just being a bad person in the community.

Now so far I haven't mentioned the name of the person, and I won't, but here is his response to what was posted about his comments, despite the fact that everyone else had posted maps showing Barred owls and their range easily covered most of the United States.

Wow!!  Just flat come out swinging, with no intention of trying to prove me wrong, just the same old "GET YOU FAT WORTHLESS ASS OUT THERE" comment that seems to pop up when you question anyone's evidence or claims.  
And then he wants to claim I am making up stories or hoaxing a flipped off a 4 wheeler.  Or even the fact that I don't know anything about the subject of Bigfoot.
Just a really big "Awesome WOW!!!" is the first thing out of my mouth.
Let's look at some facts.
I have been doing research since 1991, in which I made my first trip down to Fouke, Arkansas to look for the Boggy Creek Monster.  Before that, I was interested in Bigfoot due to an incident that occurred in Adair County, Oklahoma back in 1977 just a few miles from my house.
In my lifetime, I have spent more than 4,000 times in the woods, in which I have had 26 encounters with what I suspected was Bigfoot, or actually seen the creature itself.  Not to mention multiple rock throwings, vocalizations, and other incidents to add to that count.  That figures out to .006 percent of the time I have been in the woods, I have had an encounter.
In 2016 alone, I have accumulated 42 days in the woods, looking for Bigfoot.  And there is still two months left of the year, and I expect to be out there another 14 days before the end of the year.
Now when I say in the woods, I don't mean camping in a state park or campground, I mean 10 miles back into the wilderness that only a 4 wheeler can get me to.  Why a 4 wheeler?  Because about 4 years ago, I was in an accident that broke my ankle, so hiking into the woods at night is hard for me to do without breaking my ankle all over again.  
I have several fellow MABRC researchers who have gone back into the wilderness with me, and we all knew, that if anything happened, it would be morning before we would come back out.  There was not much way of finding our way back in the dark, even with a GPS.
What did we do when we got there?  Simple, sometimes we would build a small fire to stay warm with, but most times, we took our folding camp chairs, set them up, and sat out all night in the dark waiting for something to happen.
Usually the only protection we had was bear spray.
I do have a lot of friends in the Bigfoot Community that has to do their research in state or federal parks because that is the only areas that they have around them to research in, and I understand that.  But I have a deep affinity to having to camp in a park or campground.  I want to go into the deeper areas where there is hardly any human activity to disrupt the research.
Here is what some of the areas look like that I go into.  Some of these pics were this last spring before the leaves came out.









The locations shown above are roughly 6 miles into a valley where we conduct a lot of research at, and to hike in at night is nearly impossible for even someone without a broken ankle to hike into.  That is why we use 4 wheelers to carry people and equipment into the valley.  And at night, sometimes we have to get to a person quickly and they sometimes are several miles away.
BUT NO!!!  I don't get into the woods according to this person, who thinks I am a keyboard commando, yet by his own admission, he doesn't go out into the woods, he stays apparently on his farm and only goes as far as his barn.
Now for the 4 wheeler incident.  Again, WOW!!!, this dude wants to talk about this, so let's talk about it.  An incident occurred last year during the 2015 Oklahoma Bigfoot Symposium at the valley that the MABRC researchers camp at during the Symposium.  A team comprising members from MABRC, BFRO, TBRG and a few independent researchers were going to set up a listening post at the entrance to the valley.  One thing we have found is that if you run into the valley on 4 wheelers and then come back out, the local Bigfoot seem to follow you out, as if to make sure you actually leave the valley.
To accomplish this, I mounted up on a 4 wheeler and was going to ride up about a third of the way up the valley and then turn around and come back out.  Now I admit, I broke the MABRC rules myself by going alone, but I didn't think much of it since I have been in the valley numerous times by myself.
Fate would have it differently, as I roared up through the valley, I turned a corner in the trail and lo and behold I seen two brownish-black Bigfoot carrying a young calf (For the city folks, a calf isn't just a little bity thing, a calf to country folks is any young cow, and they can get up to 600 pounds.  The one I saw being carried was in the 500 to 600 pound range) down the trail.  
Suddenly, the back of my 4 wheeler goes up in the air and nearly throws me over the handlebars.  As I look over my shoulder, I see a massive shoulder of black hair.  The 4 wheeler dropped, and to this day, I do not know how I turned around on that trail, but I did and roared out of the valley.  All I could think was that the Bigfoot that picked me up was running up behind me, so I was giving the 4 wheeler everything I had.  I crossed the creek coming out of the valley and ran directly into the listening post.  
From what I was told by those guys, I was nearly in shock, my 4 wheeler was smoking from being so hot.  After I regained my composure and told them what had happened, they looked at the back of my 4 wheeler, and this is what was found.
The (1) and (2) dots show where the fingerprints and handprint where something grabbed the back bumper of the 4 wheeler.


(1) shows how the bumper was bent outwards, (2) shows the bottom part bent outward and 3 shows the dried handprint the next day.


(1) to (2) shows the weld on the bumper was broken from the pressure of the bumper being picked up.
The next day at the Symposium, the caretaker for the cattle herd near the valley entrance came in and talked with me, when I told him what had happened, he told me that he had a calf missing that morning.  I didn't have a video camera at the time, but I have been trying to contact him so I can get him on video restating that.  
Now, all this is, is a story until I can get corroborating evidence, that being the caretaker saying he indeed was missing a calf that morning before he came to the Symposium.  Granted, this really doesn't prove that this encounter happened.  Nothing short of having a camera mounted to my head and recording the entire time I am in the valley will help to back that up.  Guess what though, I now will not go anywhere out of camp unless I have a gopro strapped to my head.  Lesson learned.
Finally, the fact that I don't know anything about Bigfoot.  First off, there is no one that is an expert on Bigfoot, and the only thing we know for sure, is that they live in the woods.  Second, I believe that I have more knowledge than most new people coming into the Bigfoot Community.  I've been doing this since 1991, have accumulated lots of evidence, and continue going in the woods.  I've worked long and hard on the MABRC Forums to post the combined information of everything Bigfoot-related on it, in one easy to research location.  I do know that the University of Oklahoma back in 2008 credited me with setting the model for Bigfoot Research on the Internet.  And finally, not to take anything away from Henry Mays, who has been given the title of the Bigfoot Encyclopedia, who can remember dates way better than I ever could.   I have shown that I have the memory of an elephant when it comes to information related to research and hoaxes, as well as the Community history.
So when someone who researches from their barn has the nerve to criticize me for not "Getting my worthless fat ass out there" it really just makes me wonder why anyone thinks I'm not out there.  Just because I don't post garbage "evidence" on Facebook like they do, doesn't mean I have evidence to present.  I just prefer to do it on the MABRC Forums.
I have said it numerous times, and will say it numerous times more, if you expect anyone to take you serious in Bigfoot research, you better do your homework.  Learn the history of the Bigfoot Community, learn who is who, because the person you blast may be someone who has been at this a hell of a lot longer than you have, have tried all the ideas you are claiming is your idea you just came up with, and know a lot more than you ever will know.
Basically, don't have your head up your ass.
And that is one of the reasons that this blog exists, to help people not only learn tactics, procedures and policies to use in the field of research, but also to teach them who the right people are to listen to.
There is also those who claim I bash all Bigfooters, and talk highly of myself.  I don't try to talk down to anyone until they show a case of the dumbass, then I have to say something.  I seldom talk highly of myself until someone attacks my background in the Bigfoot Community.  Just because they don't want to take the time to learn the history, it's not my fault that they sound so stupid or crazy when they make wild claims without anything to back them up.  I have also worked with tons of evidence sent to me, and used a lot of software to analyze this evidence.  Because of that, I was able to write books showing others how to do this.  So I think I do have some knowledge these days.
Enough ranting for this blog, but for those who will no doubt be upset about this blog post, all I can say, is do your homework, stop expecting everyone else to do it for you.