D.W. Lee is now writing newspaper articles

D.W. Lee is now writing Bigfoot articles for the local newspaper in Stilwell, OK. Hopefully these will find their way into other papers around the state and perhaps get more people to come forward with their sightings.

One Million YouTube Views

That's right folks, the OsiyoTV episode that featured the MABRC doing research in Cherokee Nation in Oklahoma has hit one million views.  Since the video went live in November of 2019, it has generated 1 million views in such a short time.

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The Cherokee Search For Bigfoot

The MABRC was asked by OsiyoTV, the official Cherokee Nation Television Production Company to cooperate on a segment about Cherokee searching for Bigfoot.  Despite his blonde hair, D.W. "Darkwing" Lee is a Cherokee Tribal member and was honored by the request.  With fellow MABRC members Randy "Rebelistic" Savig, James "Rebelson" McFadin, Jack "Jackwagon" Janes, Jim "Biggjimm" Whitehead, Izzy "Goose" Gutierrez, Bobbie "Cherokee Rose" Lee, Carissa "Splatter" Schulze, and Independent Lauren Smith, for their help in this endeavor.