Oklahoma forensic artist helps bring Bigfoot to life

MABRC Oklahoma State Director Jim "Biggjimm" Whitehead sketches the sighting/encounter that MABRC Executive Director D.W. "Darkwing" Lee had near Nicut, Oklahoma a number of years back.

 Here are pictures of the ATV brush guard that the welds were broken by being picked up, with one picture showing the fingerprints left on the bumper.


Sighting Report Maps

The MABRC began a project years ago to create sighting report maps using all class "A" type reports found from the major Bigfoot Research Groups.  We are proud to display a large sample of them here for everyone to look at.















Old Pictures turn into Hoaxes

A lot of readers may think I take a lot of time to write about Bigfoot hoaxes, however, it’s more an education about Bigfoot and its historical background.  

The more you understand about hoaxes, the more apt you are at spotting them in the future when presented with photos or other evidence.  

Usually, I receive a photo or video from someone, who’s friend of a friend or cousin of a friend sent them about Bigfoot, and without doing any background research themselves, sends it to me in the hopes that they have the ultimate picture or video of Bigfoot.  About 99% of the time, it’s someone that has dug up an old photo or video that has been proven as a hoax nearly a decade earlier by researchers.

The case in point is the pictures with this article, two pictures that was taken back in the late 1800s, early 1900s, that reportedly showed Bigfoot had been shot and was on display.  Unfortunately, it was all a photoshop job done by someone and placed out there to hoax folks.  In one, we have a hunter with a bear that had been shot and was on display, someone took the bear and overlayed what appears to be a Bigfoot body in place of it and blurred the photo enough to hide some of the photoshop discrepancies.  The other is of six hunters showing what appears to be a Bigfoot hanging by its arms behind them and holding a deer skull.  The original photo, clearly shows a large buck hanging from its hind legs and the hunters are holding its antlers.

So folks, when you see a photo like this, or even just someone telling you that they have a photo of Bigfoot, with today’s technology, anyone can edit a picture to show whatever they want to make it show.  When sending photos, video or audio to a Bigfoot researcher, expect that they will go the extra mile to make sure its not hoaxed evidence that you send to them.  A good researcher will know their Bigfoot history including the more prominent hoaxes out there.  You can check out more about hoaxes at www.squatchopedia.org